Legacy of Empires is a multiplayer, medieval era, real time strategy war game where a player can enjoy the thrill of earning crypto in a simulating, adrenaline boosting environment.
Experience the thrill of historic medieval era warfare by protecting your islands and fighting against your armies in Legacy of Empires. Start with your own personal island as you expand your empire and gather your army to create your very own kingdom. Be the leader of your own world where the only rule is to succeed.
A competitive journey among the players is what makes the core of the game. The path to success begins with conflict, combat, and multiple collaborations with supreme leaders. Every step taken is a step closer to victory or disgrace. It is you, the player, who will decide the fate of your islands and the people who live in it.
A game unlike anything you’ve experienced before where the master of planning is the master of all. Construct your empire using our NFTs such as the island, artillery, commander, and more to guide your armies to success. It is your time to shine as the ultimate figure of authority and explore battles like never before.
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